如詩如畫的藝術饕宴 The Art of Feast

When it comes to aesthetic refinement, Kaiseki Ryori and European haute cuisine are regarded the epitome of fine dining.
You will find that a dining experience is not just about exquisite taste, but also about elaboration and artistic presentations.

① 前菜 甜粟米配馬糞海膽
Appetizer: Sweet Corn and Bafun Sea Urchin
Served as a side dish for sashimi, Hokkaido sweet corn, which is at its best from July to September, tastes sweeter than sugarcane juice; taste even better alongside Hokkaido Bafun Sea Urchin.

② 開胃菜 黑邊鮑魚
Seasonal Introduction: Black Lip Abalone
來自千葉縣的巨型鮑魚,一般生長於潮間帶的岩岸,肉質彈牙, 味道鮮味。
Chiba’s giant abalone is characterized by its crunchy texture, bringing you the pleasant aroma of the ocean.

③ 炸物 夏季松露配牛蒡
Agemono: Summer Truffle and Burdock
夏季松露採收期由6月至11月, 具有濃郁的甜味和木材香氣,味道帶淡淡大蒜、野生蘑菇及榛果味。牛蒡則來自青森縣。
Harvested from June to November, summer truffle has a mouthwatering sweetness and distinct musty aroma, with hints of garlic and hazelnuts. Burdock roots are from Aoromi prefecture.


懷石料理據說是源自於傳統日式茶會之前,為免空腹喝茶令腸胃不適,茶會會提供輕盈料理。而「懷石」一詞則是形容和尚僧侶將溫熱的石頭抱在懷中,以消除飢餓的感覺。故此懷石料理的份量都比較小,旨在提供飽足感,而並非作充飢之用。但一路發展下來,現今的懷石料理演變了許多,不論在色、香、味方面都力臻完美, 無論餐具還是食物的擺盤都要求很高,主要盛裝食物的器具有陶器、瓷器、漆器等,而擺盤的精美程度更達藝術的層面,每一碟都是完美的裝置藝術品。



④ 蒸物 喜之次魚及賀茂茄子
Mushimono: Kinki Fish and Kamo Eggplant
Kinki fish is one of Hokkaido’s super premium specialties, well known for its buttery and sweet flavor; Nicknamed the “Queen of eggplants”, the flesh of Kamo eggplant tastes soft and silky.

Edible Art

Kaiseki Ryori originally referred to the frugal meal served before chanoyu (Japanese tea ceremony). The term “Kaiseki” means hot stone in a kimono fold. It is said that Japanese Zen monks used to tuck hot stones in robes near their stomachs to cure their hunger pangs. Japanese believed that only a small portion of Kaiseki would take away your hunger. Modern Kaiseki, however, has evolved remarkably into a feast of sensual pleasure, which is made up of beautifully plated dishes in distinct vessels. The courses are brought in exquisite porcelain bowls, lacquer cups and ceramic plates, aesthetically displayed like a work of art.

Ultra-seasonal Gourmet

Kaiseki cuisine features carefully selected ingredients, and the order of dishes served are at the discretion of the chef. The menu rarely lasts long, for one of the most integral part of Kaiseki is seasonality. A typical Kaiseki dinner menu consists of nine dishes, each of which is uniquely named: for example, “hassun” refers to small, seasonal side dishes; “futa-mono” is usually a soup or a boiled dish such as chawanmushi (egg tart), both of which will come covered with a lid; and “shiizakana” is the main dish which might include cooked or grilled meat or fish. Mizumi at Wynn Macau has launched a new, nine-course Summer Kaiseiki menu featuring the best in-season ingredients from all across Japan. All dishes are prepared by the chef with outstanding culinary skills to bring out the natural flavor of the fresh produce.

⑤ 時令刺身 Assorted Sashimi
A variety of seasonal sashimi flew directly from Tsukiji fish market: (12 o’clock position) tuna akami and otoro; (from right to left) flounder, stripped horse mackerel, yellowtail and squid; (centre) Bafun sea urchin.

「泓」日本料理 Mizumi

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法國海龍王湯 Bouillabaisse
“Prawns and Mussels” is the inspiration behind this soup. Macy Lai uses bread crusts instead of puff pastries, topped with Dutch tomato in three colors as well as edible flowers, making the dish deliciously colorful. The soup also packed with cod, salmon, American clams, mussels and king prawns.


相比起日本懷石料理的精緻,歐洲菜的擺盤風格又有不同,使用技巧亦更為廣泛﹕除了有大家都知道的「畫盤」,即將濃稠的醬汁利用畫筆、湯匙在盤面上寫字或畫圖外,其實還有其他四大技巧,如「塑型」就是利用手或模具將不規則的食材,如包有內餡的團狀物,加壓固定成長條、方形等等;「堆疊」則是將食材像積木般往上或往周圍互相堆疊,營造出或高或寬的空間感。「盛裝」則是將食材用湯匙舀入裝飾性容器或食材做成的容器,可成為盤中主視覺。而「切割」則是利用斜切等刀工令食材剖面擁有不同變化,或將食材的長、寬平均切小,也可薄切精緻化,通常運用在體積較大的食材上 。


位於香港尖沙咀廣東道的Van Gogh SENSES,是一家以荷蘭印像派名畫家梵高作主題的精品店、甜品店及高級西菜餐廳。主辦單位與荷蘭梵高博物館洽談版權,精心挑選梵高的作品為新菜式的創作靈感,使食客們從吃的角度欣賞梵高的作品。要將餐飲藝術與梵高的藝術融為一體,Van Gogh SENSES行政總廚黎凱琳說最大難度是梵高很少有以食物為主題的作品——雖然他曾在馬塞的聖瑪利漁村待過幾日畫了一些漁船和漁民,另外也在海牙時畫過食物的畫像,但總體而言以食為題的畫是很少的。黎凱琳只能靠想像力,將梵高畫的用色、意境、畫風等等帶入她的食物創作中,希望大家在品嚐時能感受到梵高畫作的精神。

Five Culinary Presentation Techniques

European culinary presentation styles tend to be quite different from those of Japanese Kaiseki cuisine. There are several basic techniques widely applied by chefs, such as sauce painting – using creamy sauce as paint to create drawings and decorative writings. Four other main techniques include: modifying, which refers to using ring molds to transform doughs into different shapes and structures; stacking, which would give height to foods with ingredients arranged in piles or pyramids; plating, referring to position foods into decorative vessels to frame a focal point in the platter; and last but not least, cutting technique, which is used to alter the shapes and dimensions of ingredients, usually making them into smaller cubes of thinner slices.

Inspired by Van Gogh

Located at Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Van Gogh SENSES is a tribute to the legendary Dutch painter. It is a boutique store, attached with a cake shop and a fine dining restaurant. With an exclusive license from Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Van Gogh SENSES meticulously creates gorgeous dishes inspired by Van Gogh’s most famous work, offering a unique culinary and visual experience for gourmet customers. Van Gogh Senses’ executive chef, Macy Lai confesses that the biggest challenge to overcome is that, comparatively speaking, there are only a few food-themed still-life paintings in Van Gogh’s oeuvre, though he did spend a couple of days in the village of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mar in Marseille, to paint fishing boats and fishermen. Macy has to rely on her imagination to recreate Van Gogh’s paintings in her culinary expressions, hoping that everyone is able to appreciate Van Gogh’s work while enjoying the exquisite dishes.

① 傳統荷蘭青豆煙熏火腿湯
Classic Dutch Peas & Smoked Ham Soup
This traditional Dutch family meal is made with Dutch peas, pork and pig feet, decorated with bread sticks, cheese and colorful edible flowers.

② 法式慢煮紐西蘭羊扒配阿支竹及日本南瓜
Sous Vide New Zealand Lamb Rack with Artichoke & Japanese Pumpkin
The slow-cooked lamb chop is both tender and juicy, colored with pumpkin puree and Jerusalem artichoke, reminiscing Van Gogh’s masterpiece, “Sunflowers”.

③ 荷蘭時令炸牡蠣及苦艾酒配蛋幼墨汁意大利麵
Dutch Seasonal Oyster & White Vermouth Martini – Fresh Egg Squid Ink Trenette
A quartet of oysters: oyster foam made from Dutch oyster and absinthe is poured onto squid ink fettuccine with Dutch fried oyster and prosciutto; oyster leaf will surprise you with the salty taste that highly resembles oysters.

④ 日本味噌醃鱈魚配荷蘭燈籠椒及意大利西蘭花
Miso Cod with Dutch Capsicum & Romanesco
Inspired by another Van Gogh’s work “Courtesan”,this dish features cod marinated in miso and sake, served with Dutch capsicum and Romanesco. Side dishes include red pepper powder and Japanese seaweed powder.

Van Gogh SENSES 

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