頂級奢華火鍋的五感鮮味 The Gold Medal Hot Pot


Hot pot is a Chinese cuisine classic. Cantonese hotpot is particularly well-known for its fresh and diverse ingredients.At Hong Kong Gold Medal Seafood Hot Pot, groupers, sea snails, lobsters, fruits freshly flown from Japan, Wagyu beef and Iberico pork are all available. A dip in the boiling soup and then the delicious sauce would turn the ingredients into heavenly delicacies.

日本直送的金古鮮魚刺身。Spotted scat sashimi.

A5近江黑毛和牛片。Omi A5 Wagyu beef.

蔬菜由日本新鮮運到。Fruits and vegetables flown freshly from Japan.





One of the most famous hot pot broth options at Gold Medal is the Fish Maw Chicken Pot. The milky white broth full of collagen is served with a plate of top-quality fish maw. The broth nicely prepares the palate for the food to come.

In Hong Kong and Macau, seafood, meat and vegetables are often mixed in the pot, adding flavours to the broth. With lobster,Alaskan king crab, spotted scat sashimi, Omi A5 Wagyu beef, Angus Wagyu beef and Iberico pork, the resulting soup cannot be richer and more flavorful.

The spotted scat can be eaten in two ways—raw as sashimi, or briefly cooked in the broth. The sashimi way yields a slightly sweet taste with a mildly fatty finish. Once cooked, the fish becomes crunchy and rich in taste. The same can be done for lobster and geoduck slices. The seafood is only the starter, there is much more to go.

「長勝牛皇鍋」湯底一喝即層次分明,牛香馥郁四溢。Beef Brisket & Offal reveals many layers of flavors.





Halem Law, General Manager of Gold Medal, recommends Beef Brisket & Offal. A spoonful of the broth will already reveal the many layers of flavors. Law said the base for the broth of beef bones, pepper and anise was made when the restaurant first opened. Every day, new beef, innards,radish and scallion are added to the base and cooked for 8 hours, so only a limited number of it is available. The beef is tender and the radish has absorbed the essence of the soup. A few pieces of beef tendons are also added to it for customers who like a chewier texture.

The restaurant is a heaven for beef lovers. Omi A5 Wagyu beef is regarded as one of the three best Wagyu from Japan for its perfect ratio and distribution of fat. As it is dipped into the broth, some of the fat melted,revealing an even clearer snowy pattern. The beef melts in the mouth and the fragrance and flavors linger. The Angus beef is also a good choice. Its tenderness and rich flavors go perfectly with the broth.

“Gold Medal attaches great importance to customer service and the choice of ingredients. The pots are unique. The freshest ingredients of the best quality are used in the making of both Beef Brisket & Offal and the Fish Maw Chicken Pot. We also provide a range of wines all over the world. Some of our featured items on the menu are live abalone, whole fish maw,sea cucumber and whole Alaskan king crab. These are not that easily available in other places, but here, a call in advance is all you need to do to enjoy them,” Law said. No wonder it is rated as a “first-class restaurant”and received a Service Star Award from the Macau government.

Shrimp Balls, Homemade Tofu made with Black Beans and Deep-fried Tofu Skin Rolls are other wonderful options.





Service at the restaurant is indeed top-notch. The attendants would first dip the seafood into the broth, and then the beef. Their skills are unparalleled. It is particularly obvious when they swirl the Deep-fried Tofu Skin Rolls in the broth. The resulting rolls are soft on the outside and crunchy on the inside.The Crab Roe Soup Dumplings are equally impressive. A twist to the traditional way of eating it steamed, soup dumplings at the restaurant can be boiled directly in the broth. The crab flavor is rich and blends beautifully with the taste of the broth. Shrimp Balls and Homemade Tofu made with Black Beans are some other wonderful options.

Signature Fried Rice is a good carb dish to savor after hot pot, even though the stomach is probably already quite stuffed.But the rice is so good that it is difficult to leave it. What sets it apart from fried rice from other places is the rice itself. Iwate rice—rice for the Japanese King—is used. Together with canned meat made in Canada and fresh soy sauce, the dish is fragrant,tasty and simply irresistible.

For dessert, fruits flown freshly from Japan cleanse the palate and mark a refreshing end to the meal. Options include grapes from Okayama, melon from Shizuoka, and watermelon from Kanagawa. They are all rare outside Japan.

日本溫室岡山晴王青提子、神奈川紅小玉西瓜、靜岡蜜瓜作為餐後甜品也實在太幸福了。Grapes from Okayama, watermelon from Kanagawa, and melon from Shizuoka as dessert mark a refreshing end to the meal.

嚴選日本皇帝御用的純情米,以鮮醬油來炒的馳名金牌炒飯。Signature Fried Rice has used Iwate rice and fresh soy sauce.

香港金牌海鮮火鍋 Hong Kong Gold Medal Seafood Hot Pot

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