Van Gogh SENSES 特色自家製手工鮮蛋意粉
Signature Handmade Fresh Egg Pasta at Van Gogh SENSES

Van Gogh SENSES 梵高藝術體驗館是全球首間以梵高為主題的藝術概念店,現將六款創新前衛的特色自家製手工鮮蛋意粉巧配獨家雞尾酒,定能令你眼前一亮。
Van Gogh SENSES – the world’s first art themed concept store dedicated to Vincent van Gogh, has launched a Signature Handmade Fresh Egg Pasta & Exclusive Cocktail pairing menu and a selection of new a la carte dishes. Delivering an exciting and visionary take on pasta, the 6 new pairing dishes promise to delight diners with something that has never been served in Hong Kong before.

搭配由冧酒和杏仁酒調配而成的「Black Diamond」,甜美可口。你亦可品嚐「意大利魚子醬及烏魚子配鮮雞蛋意大利麵」配梨子氣泡酒「Pear Fizz」。
French Summer Black Truffle and Fresh Egg Spaghetti
It has been matched with “Black Diamond” a sweetly tart drink of rum and almond liqueur. Other pairings on the menu include “Italian Caviar & Bottarga di Muggine Fresh Egg Spaghetti” paired with a tantalising pear and prosecco cocktail prosecco named “Pear Fizz”.
由意大利青瓜、茴香及車厘茄熬煮而成的上湯,巧妙帶出龍蝦的鮮甜滋味,加上以龍蝦泡沫和八角作點綴,更添風味。你可點上一杯Van Gogh SENSES 經典雞尾酒「Starry」,拉克酒和八角有助突顯這道海鮮美饌的誘人鮮味。
Fresh Brittany Blue Lobster and Fresh Egg Fennel Trenette
The succulent flavour of the fresh lobster is brought to life with a refreshing zucchini, fennel and cherry tomato stock, which is served with lobster froth and star anise. The addition of such unique flavours lends a complexity to the dish, heightened by the flavours of the Van Gogh SENSES Signature Cocktail “Starry”, a Raki and anise topped cocktail that flatters the flavours and freshness of this seafood dish.

與甜中帶酸、以氈酒為基調的雞尾酒「Kiwi Basil Smash」可謂天生一對。自家製薯仔麵糰乃意菜中的常客,地道食法是配搭新鮮羅馬番茄和自製煙燻水牛芝士提升風味,最後灑上荷蘭紫薯片和半乾番茄,向一代畫家梵高致意。
Japanese Hokkaido New Potato Gnocchi with Roma Tomato and House Smoked Burrata
Interestingly paired with a sweet and sour gin based “Kiwi Basil Smash”. The homemade gnocchi, a staple pasta in the Italian diet will be served with a classic combination, elevated by a fresh Roma tomato sauce topped with homemade smoked mozzarella. A nod to Van Gogh’s heritage, the dish finishes with Dutch purple potato chips and semi-dried Dutch tomatoes.
混合蛋麵和墨汁麵,澆上以意大利豬面青和蠔肉熬煮而成的醬汁,鹹香滿溢。再放上生蠔葉以及用蠔和奶打出的綿滑泡沫,帶來四重驚喜口感。與之完美相配的是氣泡雞尾酒「Spencer Lake」,這款美酒以西柚汁和意大利氣泡酒調配而成,當中酸爽的柑橘皮可消除意粉的滯膩感。
Dutch Seasonal Oyster & White Vermouth Martini and Fresh Egg Squid Ink Trenette
A decadent combination of egg and squid ink pasta, a rich Italian pork and oyster sauce – topped with a creamy oyster and milk froth served with mertensia maritima, a form of oyster leaf that can be found on the seabed. This delicious dish not only combines four levels of taste sensation, but has been artfully paired with “Spencer Lake”, a sparkling cocktail of grapefruit juice and Prosecco, cleverly served with refreshing zest to balance the rich flavours of the pasta dish.
至於新登場的單點美饌,Van Gogh SENSES梵高藝術體驗館匠心打造「阿拉斯加帝王蟹配咖哩芫茜中東米及壓縮西瓜黑蒜脆片」,阿拉斯加帝王蟹和香辣咖哩芫茜醬的組合教人驚喜,佐以爽脆清甜的西瓜,為夏日帶來透心涼的味覺享受。


地點:香港九龍尖沙咀廣東道2A號1881 208號舖

The new a la carte menu also includes appetisers such as “Alaskan King Crab with Curry Coriander Couscous & Compressed Watermelon and Black Garlic Tuile”, a refreshing summer dish fusing the richness of Alaskan king crab with the unexpected twist of a spicy curry and coriander sauce with the
crunchy sweetness of watermelon.

No meal is complete without a tempting dessert and with an added emphasis on exploring the five senses, the new dessert “Sweet Corn Cheesecake & Gelato with Caramel Popcorn” is inspired by warm summer months. Using the fresh and natural flavours of sweet corn, the cheesecake is a juxtaposition of sensations and flavours, with crunchy cornmeal contrasting with the creaminess of the ice cream and salty-sweetness of the caramel popcorn.

Address: Shop 208, 1881 Heritage, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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