Get an Authentic Taste of Macau

If you have cravings for Macanese delights, why not hop on Sun Travel’s limousine, let the food specialist takes you to the hidden-gem
restaurants and try some mouthwatering authentic local cuisine.

Freguesia de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

Spicy Curry Rice Noodle Soup with Beef

01 叠記咖喱麵食醒胃辣腩米
Dip Kei Curry Noodles Spicy Curry Rice
Noodle Soup with Beef


There are many hidden-gem eateries in Taipa Village, one of which is Dip Kei Curry Noodles. A must-try dish is its Spicy Curry Rice Noodle Soup with Beef. Tender, well-marbled beef chunks are drenched in hot and rich curry soup base. With a touch of red chili oil, it is divinely flavorful.

02 美丹印尼小食 惹味炸物
Medan Indonesian Restaurant
Fried Delights



Located at Rua De Aveiro, Medan Indonesian Restaurant is an unpretentious little eatery which only offers take-away and delivery. Sun Travel’s food specialist highly recommends two signature snacks: Potato Bacalao Ball, the crispy potato balls with delicious bacalao fillings, and Lemper Ayam, the coconut sticky rice stuffed with chicken wrapped in banana leaf.

Lemper Ayam,Potato Bacalao Ball

03 甜蜜園糖水專門店 健康甜點
Estabelecimento de Comidas Tim Mat Un
Healthy Desserts


Tim Mat Un’s signature dish, Chia Mango Tofu Pudding is super healthy with chia seed, which is famous for its high nutritional value: easy to digest, packed with vitamin B and minerals. The poppy texture makes it a wonderful match with tofu and mango. Walnut Sweet Soup and Almond Sweet Soup are also not to be missed.

          芒果珍珠豆腐花                                                              杏仁糊                                                                      合桃糊
          Chia Mango Tofu Pudding                                           Almond Sweet Soup                                              Walnut Sweet Soup

Freguesia de São Lourenço

04 南洋粿條麵食店 秘製湯底
Sopa de Fitas Nam Ieong
Ultimate Soup Base



Situated in Rua da Praia do Manduco area, Sopa de Fitas Nam Ieong is known for its tasty phở (Vietnamese Beef Rice Noodle Soup). The broth is patiently made with pork and onion, giving it many layers of flavor, and the half raw beef slices in the soup are tender and juicy, creating a divinely tasteful experience. Char Kway Teow with Pork Balls is also high recommended.

05 吳廷記即製爆餡紅豆餅
Pastelaria Ng Teng Kei
Fresh-made Red Bean Bun



Located at Rua de Joao Lecaros, you must not miss Ng Teng Kei’s legendary Fresh-made Red Bean Bun with a thin dough skin and lots of red bean paste filling that flows luxuriously out of the fine bun upon biting. The Nian Gao Cake, which is only available in winter, is also highly recommended.


紅豆餅Red Bean Bun

06 明記美食 外脆內軟雞蛋仔
Ming Kei Food Shop
The Signature Egg Waffle




You may find egg waffles on every street corner in Macau, but Ming Kei’s signature Egg Waffle will definitely surprise and delight you. With a little extra batter poured in the hot iron, the waffle comes out with bouncy soft centre and crispy outer layer.


雞蛋仔Egg Waffle

07 寬記豆腐花 軟滑清新
Fun Kei Tofu Pudding
Silky and Fragrant




Fun Kei stands out amongst the crowd because they don’t serve their Tofu Pudding in syrup like others; instead, they use natural cane sugar to sweeten up the taste. You can also add in some milk
to make the dessert more silky and smooth.


Tofu Pudding, Soy Milk

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