十年輝煌 共創傳奇 Ten Years of Prosperity


2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Suncity Group, a Macau-based corporation with a diversified business operation including entertainment,
food and beverage, finance, auction, travel, luxury cars, real estate and resources. While expanding its international business in Australia,
Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines, Suncity Group will continue to thrive in Macau’s travelling and entertainment business according to
the city’s development direction, in order to acquire one of Asia’s top entertainment hubs and a world centre of tourism and leisure.

Suncity VIP Clubs

2007年3月23日,集團首於本著以客為尊的精神,致力提供無微不至的尊貴服務。除了在澳門設立貴賓會及提供多種高端奢華的尊貴服務外,更開拓海外市場,提供多種娛樂活動,並悉心安排交通及住宿等多項旅遊服務,讓每位客人尊享最精彩的消閒體驗。韓國首爾、越南峴港開設太陽城貴賓會,澳洲墨爾本、 菲律賓馬尼拉、2014 年至2016 年間,集團進駐海外,先後在預計2017 年於韓國仁川開設的貴賓會亦會投入服務。澳門星際酒店開設太陽城貴賓會。
On March 23, 2007, Suncity Group launched the VIP Club in StarWorld Hotel. While offering various luxurious services in Macau, it extended towards overseas markets by providing numerous entertainment activities, travelling and accommodation for customers.From 2014 to 2016, Suncity Group opened VIP Clubs worldwide in Melbourne, Manila, Seoul and Da Nang. The South Korea Incheon VIP Club is expected to operate in 2017.

World’s First SGS Certification for
Entertainment Organization

2013 年星際太陽城貴賓會成為全球首間成功申領SGS國際服務認証的娛樂服務機構,服務水準達到國際優質水平。其後,新濠鋒太陽城貴賓會、銀河太陽城貴賓會、新濠天地金星太陽城貴賓會、金沙城太陽城貴賓會、威尼斯人太陽城貴賓會及四季太陽城貴賓會均陸續獲得認証,為集團高端奢華服務打開新一頁。
In 2013, StarWorld Suncity VIP Club was the world’s first entertainment service organization to obtain the SGS International Certification. In the following years, Altira Suncity VIP Club, Galaxy Suncity VIP Club, COD Venus Suncity VIP Club, Sands Cotai Central Suncity VIP Club, Venetian Suncity VIP Club and Four Seasons Suncity VIP Club are all certified, recognizing the highest standard of Suncity Group’s luxury services.

Poker King Club

Innovation and diversification is the one of the spirit of Suncity Group. Poker King Club at The Venetian Macao was opened in 2009, providing a professional one-stop service for the poker sport, and cooperated with world leading brands for many high-level world tournaments.

Guinness World Records Event

2015 年,集團舉辦「第一屆世界巡迴百家樂冠軍挑戰賽」吸引海外及本地過百位參賽者參加,並於決賽中獲得「最大百家樂獎賞」及「最大百家樂個人獎賞」的全新吉尼斯世界紀錄榮譽。
In 2015, Suncity Group held ” 1st World Series Baccarat Championship ” and attracted more than 100 local and international players. The event set two new Guinness World Records in ” Greatest Prize Money for a Baccarat Tournament ” and“ Greatest Prize Money for a Baccarat Tournament – Individual”.

Entertainment and Culture

2011 年初正式成立太陽娛樂文化有限公司,在演唱會籌辦、電影製作及發行、活動宣傳及策劃等各個領域大力發展,致力為大眾獻上高質素的娛樂享受,在演唱會籌辦、電影製作及發行、活動宣傳及策劃等各個領域大力發展,投資制作超過50 部電影,包括《賭城風雲》系列、《殺破狼II 》、《五個小孩的校長》、《低俗喜劇》等;旗下藝人多達45 位,包括著名歌手許志安、薛凱琪、文詠珊、周湯豪等。2013年在北京與著名影星吳奇隆合作,經營音樂及電視劇製作,多部劇集也廣受歡迎,成功將業務拓展至大中華地區。
Established in 2011, Sun Entertainment Culture Limited aims at creating top quality entertainment, including concerts organization, film production and distribution, and marketing and event promotion. The company invested in more than 50 films, such as From Vegas to Macau series and SPL 2. It also signed with 45 artists, such as Andy Hui and Fiona Sit. In 2013,the company expanded its market in China by collaborating with celebrity Nicky Wu in Beijing. It produced numerous musicals and TV shows and received acclaimed reviews.

Global Tourism

To bestow prestigious customers with the most exclusive and superior travel experience, Suncity Group set up SunTravel to provide one-stop luxury travel service, including international 5-star hotel presidential suite and grand villa resorts arrangement. The company also offers tailor-made luxury travel arrangement that ensures well-selected tourist attractions, high-end shopping, or fine dining experience to name but a few.

Resort Project

2016 年4 月,集團與金曜企業有限公司及越南投資公司組成的合資公司第一期預計於2019年首季落成,內設三間酒店並提供1,000間酒店客房、於越南廣南舉行「會安南綜合度假村」奠基儀式,正式宣布啟動發展。住宅式別墅及公寓及各式休閒娛樂設施,而整個項目預計於2035年駿工。度假村位處廣南省中部,整個項目佔地達985公頃,總投資額達40億美元。
In April 2016, Suncity Group, Gold Yield Enterprise Limited and VinaCapital Group have a joint venture for the Hoi An South Integrated Resort
development and held a ceremony in Quang Nam, Vietnam, to mark the commencement of the construction. Located in central Quang Nam province,
the 985 hectares project will occur in seven phases and total investment is estimated USD 4 billion on completion. The first phase is expected to be
completed in the first quarter of 2019 — with 1,000 lodging rooms in 3 hotels, residential villas and apartments, along with a championship golf course and a variety of leisure and entertainment facilities. The entire project is expected to be completed by 2035.

Food and Beverage

太陽餐飲集團有限公司致力發展澳門高質素的餐飲選擇。旗下的SKY21於2011年以全新面貌開業,聳立於澳門著名地標頂端,飽覽澳門市中心絕美景色之餘,更提供精緻歐亞美食;天潮於2015 年12 月開業,提供新派潮粵菜式。2017 年將推出太陽冰室、Bottles、Jam & Butter、Sky Cafe等,引進更多元、嶄新的佳餚美饌。
Sun Food and Beverage Group Limited aims at offering high-quality food and beverage choices in Macau. Opened in 2011, SKY21 is located at the top of Macau’s famous landmark, serving exquisite Asian and European cuisine, while the nearby Tian Chao, which opened in December 2015, offers avant-garde Chaozhou-Canton dishes. In 2017, the company will showcase a new lineup, such as Sun Cafe, Bottles, Jam & Butter, Sky Cafe, etc. for more innovative selections.


FIRST Magazine was founded in 2014, providing the world’s latest news on travel, entertainment, dining and lifestyle to high-end customers including CEOs, entrepreneur and VIP Club members. FIRST Magazine also distributes the latest news of Suncity Group and its business partners to stay connected in the fast-changing business world.

Macau’s Cultural and Sports Mega Events

由2011 年開始,集團積極參與澳門活動盛事及公益活動,贊助第58至60屆澳門格蘭披治大賽車路車挑戰賽及冠名贊助第61至63屆澳門格蘭披治大賽車,更首辦太陽城明星蓮花挑戰賽,一眾名人明星到場參與,令賽事更具娛樂性。此外,還有春節的花車巡遊匯演,集團均派出設計華麗的花車參與慶典;同時大力支持澳門娛樂展及各地旅遊展,為推廣澳門出一分力。太陽城集團全力支持一年一度澳門公益金百萬行活動,逾一千位員工浩浩蕩蕩地支持公益活動,宣揚善心。集團去年6月開始舉辦員工捐血活動,吸引150名員工報名參加,為拯救生命貢獻力量。集團亦不忘探訪各社福機構及長者,為他們送上關懷。對澳門本地設計亦不遺餘力,適逢 集團10週年舉行前線員工製服設計比賽,徵集本澳各界人仕參與,推動本澳文創發展。
Since 2011, Suncity Group is constantly involved in Macau’s mega events, sponsoring the Macau Road Sport Challenge of the 58th to 60th Macau Grand Prix, and the title sponsor of the 61st to 63th Macau Grand Prix, as well as the first Suncity Lotus Celebrity Cup Race, which involved numerous celebrities. Besides, the group also participated in Chinese New Year Parade with elegantly designed floats, as well as the constant support of Macau’s entertainment and travel expos. Suncity Group visited the social welfare organizations and the elders to express our care and support. Coincides with the 10th Anniversary of Suncity Group, it held a design competition for
front-line staffs’ uniforms. Encouraged the participation of local designers in order to promote the development of local design field.

Retail and Luxury Goods

201 3年成立Luxe尚品尊華,於各個貴賓會設立專櫃,提供奢侈品零售服務。再於2014年設立太陽臻薈,邀請來自多個國家及地區的設計師和製表人打造一系列限量而獨特的精品。2014 年成立太陽國際車業,引進各國名車,進口限量版超級跑車,同時設有原廠零件和保養維修等服務,讓一眾愛車之人能夠輕易買到心頭好,駕馭超級跑車非凡速度,尊享優質禮遇服務。
2013 marked the establishment of LUXE by Encanto Luxury, which offers luxury goods retailing in counters set up in VIP Clubs. In 2014, SUNLUXE was opened to provide unique and fine watches created by multi-national designers and watch makers.Sun International Automobile was established in 2014 to offer car lovers the world’s most exclusive import super cars, while offering OEM parts and maintenance service.

Global Auction

2014 年太陽國際拍賣行開幕,搜羅世界各地頂級的藝術珍品,為海內外收藏家和藝術愛好者提供高質素的交易平台。業務範圍包括高端珠寶、精緻名錶、中國書畫、當代及現代藝術、環球名釀等典藏珍品。鑑定專家為客戶評鑑藝術文物的質素及價值,為收藏家提供卓越準繩的專業評估和意見。2015年12月更是首家在澳門舉辦正式拍賣會的拍賣行,活動當天座無虛席,吸引不少海內外藏家和投資者親臨現場競投心頭好,更創造100%成交率的驕人成績。
Sun International Auction Limited was opened in 2014 to bring together the world’s rarest art pieces and create a top-notch auction platform for international collectors and art lovers. Ranging from high-end jewelry, watches, Chinese paintings, contemporary art works and globally famous wines, appraisal experts will provide a genuine, professional evaluations and comments for the goods.

Property Development

2012 年2 月香港交易所代號1383的太陽世紀集團有限公司正式加入太陽城集團成為旗下集團成員之一。以「建設低碳人居,鑄造品質生活」的企業理念,構築最宜居的家園。旗下大型地產項目包括安徽天嶼湖、深圳港隆城購物中心及深圳半山道1號等。
In February 2012, Sun Century Group Ltd.(Stock Code: 1383, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange) officially joined under Suncity Group. With a philosophy of constructing lowcarbon,quality housing, the company has undergoned large real estate projects including Anhui’s The landale, Shenzhen’s Gang Long City Shopping Center and Lepaysage.

Professional Investment Management

Suncity Group expands its business to various fields for diversified development. In 2008, Sun International Resources Limited (Stock Code: 8029,listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange) provides services including horse-breeding and horse-trading services in Australia, Europe and the United States,as well as professional software and IT development.In line with Suncity Group’s strategic goal, Sun International Resources Limited. will work closely with business partners to provide an comprehensive investment services and cultural experiences for all-round resource integration.

Finance Services

Since its establishment in 2012, Sun International Finance Group is one of Hong Kong’s leading finance service companies, offering a series of finance products and services to help investors achieve investment goals.

Word from The CEO



“The road ahead is never easy. Even more challenges are waiting for us.
Suncity Group, however, is strong enough to overcome the hurdle and create the new Golden Decade with you.”

業務跨步全球 昂首邁向第十年


多元化業務 國際化市場

「變」,是社會發展的必然要素,也是一個企業生存的最重要原力量!隨著互聯網及資訊科技日見發達,全球的發展步伐將會由「漸變」演化為「劇變」,要突圍而出,必須要突破常規。有見及此,太陽城集團早已做好準備,力求業務多元化,市場國際化。在業務多元化方面,我們先後建立旅遊、餐飲、車業、娛樂文化等不同業務,更化零為整,透過前線人員的經驗分析及親切瞭解,度身訂造客人最滿意的精彩娛樂體驗;在市場國際化方面,多年來集團積極培育優秀人材進駐世界各地,拓展當地市場,更透過手機應用程式、搜尋引擎、社交網絡,如Facebook (臉書)及WeChat (微信)等電子媒體,發佈集團在全球各地的最新訊息,讓客人與我們同步向前。面對千變萬化的市場,我們深深明白唯有毋懼考驗,勇於面對挑戰,方能開創新局面,才有足夠的實力登上世界舞台!

以澳門為根 攜手踏上世界舞台



Celebrating 10th Year Anniversary with Rapid Global Growth

The year of 2017 has special meaning to Suncity Group since it marks the 10th anniversary of establishment. Ten years ago, we started our business and set up the first VIP Club at StarWorld Macau. We sincerely thank you for client support which has empowered us to launch a number of VIP Clubs in 5-star hotels and resorts around Macau. Last year, we even founded our new VIP clubs in the Parisian, Wynn Palace and Studio City. At the moment, our businesses have expanded across Asia and subsequently set up VIP Clubs in Seoul of South Korea and Manila of the Philippines. Meanwhile, we have made a name for ourselves after investing tens of billions of HK dollars to develop the project of “Hoi An South Integrated Resort”. Nowadays,Suncity Group has successfully globalized the businesses and left footprints in the metropolises around the world, like Melbourne and the Gold Coast of Australia, London of the UK and Las Vegas of the USA.

Adopting the Expansion through Diversification Strategy

“Change” is essential for the development of a city. It is also the key energy of an enterprise. With the advanced development of internet and information technology, the pace of global development has already speeded up which may also lead to the “drastic change” of the world. It seems that looking for a breakthrough is a way to increase the chance of success.That’s why Suncity Group is well equipped to diversify the businesses and expand the markets all over the world. The fact is that we have already broken into the fields of travel, food & beverage,automobile industry as well as entertainment and culture to cater the need of market. Meanwhile,we have started to globalize our businesses and cultivated outstanding people to travel around the world in order to enter the local markets. It’s worth to point out that we have successfully used our own mobile application, searching engine and social media, like Facebook and WeChat to send out our updated news to every privileged member. We clearly know that being confident and having a will to overcome surprisingly bold risks are the only way to strengthen myself which bring us to stage of the world.

Moving from Macau to the World

It is a great honor for Suncity Group to be the title sponsor of Macau Grand Prix for three consecutive years. As the world famous sports and travel event of the city, it strengthens Macau’s international city and tourism image. Those successes even bring the city a large number of visitors worldwide every year which greatly benefits the local industries, including tourism and catering. I am proud to say that Suncity Group is a Macau born and bred enterprise which has already become a remarkable leader in our chosen fields. We will surely continue to provide high-quality services and speed up the pace of expansion to reciprocate for your support!
I would like to thank every staff member from the bottom of my heart. In the future, we will move forward together to seek for greater success.

Alvin Chau
Chief Executive Officer and Director of Suncity Group

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