Towards A Cycling Life

Youngsters nowadays tend to cycle round the world, it’s the age of low carbon monoxide emissions, being environmentally-friendly and
considerate. Bicycles are more advanced too, with hyper car grade high module carbonfibre and exquisite electric gear shifters.
Many luxurious brands are joining the new trend: Chanel, Hermès, Mercedes Benz and Porsche etc. provide an elegant opportunity
to travel with your own power by the muscle.

從北京到巴黎的漫長道路上,一路欣賞旖旎風光。Enjoying the stunning view on the long way from Beijing to Paris.





這個當然不是夢,原來早在2007年紐西蘭人Olly Powell已發起稱為「北京到巴黎無車探險」(CARFREE B2P),來自6個國家合共16位自行車熱愛者共同完成此旅程。值得一提是該自行車遠征原是為紀念1907年第一次汽車從大清帝國首都北平,橫越亞歐大陸抵達法蘭西共和國首都巴黎,當年汽車問世不久,竟然有五隊成行,最終由意大利王子勝出!


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

—Albert Einstein

From Beijing to Paris is just 10 hours flight, but to these brave cycling enthusiasts is an agonized 5-month journey cycling 100 km daily. Now more and more athletes, students and traveler groups tend to participate in this event.

Of course this is not a dream, early in 2007, a Kiwi man Olly Powell initiated a carfree expedition from Beijing to Paris (CARFREE B2P), 16 cyclists from 6 different countries completed this epic journey. Actually this cycling route is in honour of the ancient motor race in 1907, not long after motor vehicles were invented, from Peking, Qing China to Paris, France, total of 5 teams, and the prince of Italy won the title.

The modern event was with a path passing through 8 countries from China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Scorching sand of the Gobi Desert, rural parts of Kazakhstan and Russia without town for refreshments over 100 km, nonetheless the participants adored this priceless adventure, the joy of the accomplishment was definitely memorable in their lifetime. Highly recommend to other cyclists.





2015年冠軍紀錄保持者為比利時車手Kristof Allegaert,共花了318小時57分才完成整個賽段,而他的平均速度每小時28.6公里,他在完成賽事後還興奮地說:「這是我騎踩過最刺激與最富挑戰性的賽事,我想自行車手都絕對渴望完成這個橫越西班利亞的比賽。」如此富有挑戰性自行車賽又怎可不追看,或者明年您也可以參與其中。

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”

—John F. Kennedy

Russia is also overwhelmed by the cycling hype and becomes the most ideal way to work out by cycling. This year sponsored by Red Bull, the Trans-Siberian Extreme is the longest and toughest race in the world, only 20 participants are allowed each year. This year the race started form Moscow,covering a staggering 9,200 km for 24 days, finished at Vladivostok. The extreme Siberian temperature challenged the riders, they needed great strength and a endurance bike, and a powerful mind to cross 5 different climate zones, 7 time zones and treacherous mountains and rivers. No matter how treacherous the path was, the organisers have arranged a professional medical backup team in case anything go south.

In 2015 the champion record holder Kristof Allegaert from Belgium, took 318 hours 57 minutes to finished, he gladly announced that it was the most challenging and exciting rash he had ever taken part in, and said that every cycling athlete’s dream was to participate in the race. How not to spectate this breathtaking race, or maybe you will be one of the brave soul next year.






“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.”

—Herbert G. Wells

Famous bike traveler Steve Wilmot determined to ride at the Blue Mountain, he admired the stunning view and said that was the most beautiful cycling track in the world. Not far from Sydney, a couple of bike rentals present near the train station. Cycling through the woods,waterfalls with a mesmerising view, cute little birds and exotic flowers,the track covering over a million hectares was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, with one of the most ancient Wollemia Nobilis discovered in 1994. In Glenbrook there’s a rough cycling path going down the hill which can reach the three tiered Wentworth Falls, hopefully with an opportunity to meet Australian animals and even the native.

The firebreak with over several thousands kilometres which turns out to be a cycling path, ridges through cliff still the deep valley. The leaves of the Eucalyptuses emit a pleasant smell, according to the locals the gas produced by the trees is concentrated in the valley and mountain top, giving the area a layer of bluish fogs, the name of Blue Mountain is derived from this.




環法自行車賽總是令人嚮往的,從法國出發經過周邊國家比利時以至西班牙庇里牛斯山脈。這個始於1903年的賽事,於每年夏季開始,比賽時間長達23天逾3,500公里,足以環繞法國一周。車手們穿越過巴黎香榭麗舍大道,又會經過艾菲爾鐵塔,從一個城到一個鎮,每位賽段勝出者可獲得光榮無比的黃色戰衣。今年7月,由環法官方授權的「2017環法自行車賽經典賽段騎行之旅」,五天行程中,會有三天自行車騎乘之旅,隨着環法路徑盡覽旅途上的風光,還可擁有環法觀賽行程之路線手冊與地圖,以及紀念賽衣等。第一天騎車於拜埃河谷地、塞爾彭松湖、瓦爾山口、布里昂松與伊佐拉山口之賽道;第二天是騎車到伊佐拉山口與觀騰鼓舞的群眾一起等待選手們衝線;第三天騎乘到艾克斯普羅旺斯地區的聖維克多山,欣賞壯麗雄偉的景致。第四天來到環法第20站的終點前,馬賽的涼爽海灣城市看2017環法賽黃衫易手的最後機會;第五天則在環法終點站香榭麗舍大道上VIP保留區享用美食並觀賞車手們在奮戰23天後衝線的最後時刻。今年沒趕及參加的您,是時候預訂明年的2018 環法自行車之旅,享受跟自行車手們一起奔赴終點的興奮。

“Don’t buy upgrades, ride up grades.”

—Eddy Merckx

Tour de France is one of the most important races in the cycling calendar, from France to Belgium and till The Pyrenees near Spain. The race was first introduced in 1903,held in the summer with 23 days covering 3,500 km French roads. Participants may pass Champs-Élysées and the Eiffel Tower of Paris, through different cities and towns,each stage’s champion will earn the yellow jersey. This July the official “Tour de France VIP Spectator Experience” lasted for five days, in which three days were the bicycle tours riding through the actual race route, with the race maps and replica jerseys. The first day of the trip was a ride passing la vallée de l’Ubaye, Savines le Lac, Briançon and Izoard; the second day was a short ride to Izoard finish line seeing people who were cheering the peloton; the third day was a ride to Aix en Provence’s Mount Sainte Victorie; the fourth day came to the 20th stage’s finish line, at Marseille, the beautiful city of Provence was the last chance to witness the exchange of the yellow jersey; the fifth, also the last day of the Tour de France, one could enjoy the fabulous dishes and witness the winning moment of the 23-day race at the VIP lounge at the finishing straight of the Champa Élysées. If you couldn’t made it this year, it’s time to plan for the upcoming year.




大多數人購買自行車都是一輛一輛來買的,然而當踏足香港CHRONiC BiKE這家超級自行車店,會發覺每輛自行車每個小部件可以像拼模型一樣買到最好最矜貴,自行安裝一輛自行車,動輒可以花上幾萬到幾十萬。像小輪車或者AM-MTB這些經常受撞擊的車款,款式由合金錳鋼到鉻鉬鋼等特殊合金製作,像最新法國Production Privee Shan 917這種車架用上鉻鉬鋼製造,裏邊有着鉻、碳、鉬、錳等四種原材料製成,可以輕到只有5.13磅。名廠倫敦的Condor Paris早在四十年代己經是環法自行車賽的獲獎車款,時至今日這款同樣鉻鉬鋼車架依然甚受歡迎,始終堅持人手切割裝嵌,連身圖案亦以法國特色巴黎鐵塔,淨重為4.87磅。

另外還有英國著名傳統自行車品牌亞歷克斯.莫爾頓,它被喻為自行車中的勞斯萊斯,有着60年的悠久歷史,連英國著名建築師諾曼.福斯特也讚揚它的車架美學。其中Alex Moulton Double Pylon以人手製作,採用黃銅或銀焊工藝,輕巧而高速。創作者亞歷克斯.莫爾頓當年曾為舊款的Classic Mini Cooper設計避震,然後他便把這套避震系統放在這自行車上,因此需要20 多萬港元的售價,隨時比一輛小型房車還要貴。

“It is the unknown around the corner that turn my wheels.”

—Heinz Stucke

Most people may buy complete bicycles, but in this deluxe cycling store in Hong Kong, CHRONiC BiKE, you will found out there are much more than complete bikes, as one can buy individual parts up to tens of thousands of dollars for self installation.For instance BMX or AM-MTB are made of special alloy steels such as manganese steel and chromemolybdenum alloy steel; French Production Privee Shan 917 are made of chrome-molybdenum alloy steel and with a light weight of 5.13 pounds. Since 1940s Condor Paris from London have been the winning bikes for Tour de France. They are also made of chrome-molybdenum alloy steel with Eiffel Tower as the logo, weigh only 4.87 pounds.

Another famous British bicycle manufacturer with 60-year history, Alex Moulton, with the reputation of sublime riding comfort, some say it is the Rolls Royce of bicycle, even the famous British architect Norman Foster admire the mechanism and frame geometry. Alex Moulton Double Pylon is solely made by hand with brass and silver brazing. Alex Moulton has designed the suspension for the Mini Cooper, which he adapt the suspension system into this bicycle, hence it is as expensive as a car with more than HKD 200,000.

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