峴港激爽暢快玩意 Refreshing Activities in Da Nang

位於越南的峴港近年愈來愈受亞洲旅客歡迎,有“ 東方夏威夷”的美譽。踏入初夏,大家喜歡外出旅行放鬆心情之余,
With the reputation of “Oriental Hawaii”, Da Nang, Vietnam has become popular among Asian tourists in recent years.
It is definitely a must-have for you to experience the exciting and surprising activities in Da Nang for a summer relaxation.


近來在社交媒體被網友瘋傳的一條旅遊短片,漁夫穩站在巨型簸箕船中,利用船槳在水上簡單的數次撥動,令巨型簸箕船瘋狂高速翻騰自轉,坐在上面的乘客嚇到面容扭曲,不少網友都立即搜尋這個比遊樂場機動遊戲更刺激的玩意。這個被形容為“ 水上瘋狂咖啡杯”正正是峴港聞名的漁村體驗活動,其實這些巨型簸箕船是越南獨有的圓形小漁船,原本是漁民用作捕魚和水上交通之用,旅客可以乘坐上簸箕船遊覽,沿路經過的漁民會教您如何用草編織特色草戒指或者草編冠冕,輕易上手亦可以拍照留念。

簸箕船直徑兩米,由竹皮編織而成,最多能乘坐4個人,不過控制相當不容易,您就算有船槳在手,也只會令簸箕船團團轉或者左右搖擺,難以前進,所以當地的漁夫統統都練好一身絕技。不過,要體驗“ 水上瘋狂咖啡杯”都要靠運氣,峴港秋盆河上的迦南島,當地芸芸的數百名漁夫中只有數位懂得這個技巧,他們通常在河的正中央作公開表演,而幸運的旅客或可能獲邀乘坐上船,在沒有安全措施之下,只靠兩手用力抓緊扶手,體驗這個獨特又瘋狂的天旋地轉玩意。

Crazy Experience

Recently in a hit tourist video on social media, a fisherman was standing firmly in the basketboat and using paddles to make the boat rush and spin at a high speed. As the passengers were so scared, people immediately search for this activity which seems more exciting than amusement rides. Actually, this is a famous fishing village experience in Da Nang called “Crazy Coffee Cup”.These basketboats are Vietnam’s unique round fishing boats, originally used by fishermen for fishing and water transportation. You can take this boat trip and the local fisherman will also teach you how to make a special grass ring or a straw crown with grass. A good chance to take photos too.

Woven from bamboo skin, the boat can take up to 4 people since it is only two meters in diameter. However, even if you have a paddle in hand, it will only make the boat turns around or rocks instead of moving forward. Only a few local fishermen on Cam Kim Island know this skill and they usually have performance in the middle of Thu Bon river. Fortunate passengers may be invited to board the boat and experience this unique and crazy twist without any safety measures.


峴港是度假勝地,位於東面的美溪沙灘更被列入“ 世界六大最美麗海灘”,由山茶半島向南延伸長達一公里,水清沙幼,最適合曬太陽放鬆之余,您會看到多個色彩繽紛的水上降傘飄搖,飛上半空向下俯瞰,飽覽整個美溪沙灘,享受著海風撲面的快感。

美溪沙灘的浪漫較適合靜態的旅客,而近年獲當地大力推薦的仙沙灣就有不一樣的活力。仙沙灣雖然距離峴港市區稍為遠一點,但為旅客提供不少水上玩樂,可以嘗試浮潛欣賞海底的珊瑚和熱帶魚外,也可以出海到較深海的位置進行海釣活動,碰碰運氣會否得到大魚上釣。喜歡追求刺激快感的話,在仙沙灣的岸邊有不少水上玩意,水上電單車在海上風馳電掣,無論男女一樣威風凜凜,帥氣全場,而近年新興的水上飛龍亦同樣不遑多讓,被形容為“ 水上鋼鐵人”的水上飛龍讓玩家雙腳固定在小滑板上面,利用板底向下噴射水的力量,在美麗的海上散步,而且難度較低,只要在指導下練上十多分鐘便會學懂,能左右上下控制自如,玩家級的則可挑戰翻騰的動作。

如果不想獨樂樂的話,不妨考慮一下“ 水上飛魚”,算是香蕉船的進階版,跟夥伴們坐上充氣的小舢舨上抓緊扶手,相連的快艇高速向前衝,稍一分神、稍一鬆手就會全軍被拋下海,非常刺激。

 Stimulating Pleasure

As Da Nang is considered to be Vietnam’s holiday resort, My Khe Beach, located on the east side of Da Nang, has been listed as one of “the six most beautiful beaches in the world”. The 1-km beach with clear water and fine sand offers excellent space for relaxing under the sun, parachuting to overlook the beautiful beach and enjoying the thrill of the sea breeze.

While the romance of My Khe Beach is more suitable for quiet travellers,Tien Sa Beach embodies completely different characteristics. Although Tien Sa Beach is a little further away from the Da Nang urban area, it provides a variety of water activities. You can try snorkelling to see the corals and tropical fish on the sea floor, or explore the deep sea by fishing. Want to pursue more excitements? There are a lot of water activities on the shore of Tien Sa Beach. For instance, riding water scooter provides powerful enjoyment. And the awesome “Iron Man” water jetpacks can propel the player in the air using water pumped from the watercraft to the base of the board. One can “walk” on the beautiful sea freely or even turn somersaults after a guidance of ten minutes.

If you don’t want to have fun on your own, try “flying fish water ride”,which is an advanced version of the banana boat ride. Hold the handrails on the inflatable rafts with your partners, and the connected speedboats will rush forward at high speed which bring the ultimate excitements.


若果熱愛運動又喜歡挑戰極限的話,在峴港附近的大叻都有一個相當熱門的玩意-溯溪繩索垂降,“ 溪降”是在懸崖邊沿著瀑布游繩下降,由於中間的石頭非常之滑,加上瀑布傾下的水不停拍打,絕對是智慧、耐力與勇氣的挑戰。活動在達坦拉瀑布進行,需要在教練的指導下學習繩索如何收放和一些安全的技巧後,慢慢由低難度的18米無水懸崖開始,嘗試實習游繩的技巧。再走到瀑布區,可以游水適應一下水溫,也可以玩跳溪,盡情享受大自然的水上樂園。最後,玩家可以先後挑戰15米高和25米高的瀑布懸崖,25米高的終極挑戰被稱為“ 洗衣機”,因為只要稍為膽怯不敢放繩的話,就會被左右兩邊的瀑布打到整個人團團轉。

 Courageous Challenges

If you love sports and challenges, there is a very popular choice in Da Lat near Da Nang – rappelling. Descend cliffs along a waterfall requires great wisdom, endurance and courage as the stones are very slippery,and the water keeps flapping. You can learn how to control the ropes and some safety skills under the guidance of the coach at Datanla Falls. Then slowly start from the low-impact 18-m waterless cliff and try the basic practices. To follow with, after entering into the waterfall area, you can first swim to adapt to the water temperature. Finally, players can challenge the 15-m and 25-m cliffs. The ultimate challenge of 25 m is so-called the “washing machine” as it is likely to be hit by the waterfall on both sides in hesitation, which requires a huge courage.

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